Yun-A Mix Tape release jam at Laffy

Yun-A Mix Tape release jam at Laffy
Heidi Lemmon
Yun-A held a mix tape release jam at Laffy last Sat. Yun-A is a 23 year old hip hop artist from Watts Ca. with deep roots. Family member Ted Watkins was an activist who founded successful anti poverty programs in Watts Ca. thru WLCAC. The City named the park at 103rd and Central after him “Ted Watkins Memorial Park” . Back in the 90’s when we started lobbying the city of Los Angeles for skate parks it was pretty much impossible to do anything. By 2001 the WLCAC was hosting our jams and later Elemental Awareness jams and continues to do so. They have a solid concrete park at the WLCAC built by the Tony Hawk Foundation. A family devoted to positive social change.

You can hear the good reflected in Yun-A’s mix tapes. All his songs are skateboard related and radio friendly. No calling for murders, gang banging or anything negative.. OK maybe jump a fence or 2 to skate but all in all music with a mission. Yun-A started skating at 12 and started rapping at 17.

The mix tape release jam/ pizza party at Laffy was another great skate day in L.A. We all got CD’s, lanyards and dog tags! One of the highlights was pro skateboarder Lacey Baker coming to skate and hang out with the locals. Lacey skates X Games, World Cup, Dew Tour, Mystic Cup, Rockstar, Maloof, Goofy vs regular, Canadian Open and in 2006, the last Slam City Jam she took first place in street. That was the first time I met Lacey and she has been one of my favorite street skaters ever since then.

The Laffy Locals are always down for a jam and the skating is always top drawer.
You can hear Yun-A ‘s music at:

Source: Heidi Lemmon

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