Vans Pool Party 2014

Text and photo by: Antonio Thronn

photo by: Petronio Vilela

Vans Pool Party was Awesome!!

With much excitement we received this year 2014 the remarkable competition in skateboarding Vans Pool Party in Orange, California 10 in its annual celebration.

A very strong renewal this knowing the modality of professionals here in California since very young boys ness events shared the podium. Not succeeded in showing her famous names fast, stylish, and talented skateboarding.

Josh Roberts 22 years slipped on track with their knowledge of the local sending maneuvers that the public al the rave and he grabbed a third place in the sequence and then the boy Cory Juneau on its 14 years of very basic and acquired a beautiful style to see one held Secondly with claw.


The big surprise of this professional category was due to the little boy Tristan Rennie 15 years that did not faze a moment with a very high level of their opponent and gave a show of skateboarding . He ran a front side nose grind on the corner that I had never seen any skater to do until then. This maneuver left the audience standing hair and championship belt was with this boy . He will have already started working pros give much more experienced professionals.


If the name emotion born somewhere assure you that he was born here in the Vans Pool Party further when it comes to a contest of the sacred monsters Skateboard Legend category. At this time the public is exalted and every movement of that memorable skaters who aged up to more than 50 are in top form as if they had frozen down in time.

With maneuvers invented as children by their skaters are still very high in the world of skateboarding and the public in this age comes in delight and the new skaters learn with much attention at source.













The first 3 champions Legend are a source of endless charisma, inevitably someone would speak to the contrary. Third place in the master ‘s style, no one can say the reverse about Christian Hosoi who was third running back smith lay so that he has the perfect style to run.

Charisma you born, not further try to please anyone who ‘s not right, talking like I quote here the name of Jeff Grosso that lifted the audience to each maneuver, the bleachers standing to applaud it and it snapped a second place.

The sum of flair, style, speed, diversity, consistency, smoothness, use of track, a simple guy and helpful with this public props are easily noticed in large Chris Miller takes first place and now he’s with seven championships in Vans their curriculum.















Dave Navarette was very suited to the track and publish it made a racket in their laps and it took a third place . I particularly like very much to see the style of Brian Patch in its 50 kilométricos and soft air, invert very convoluted yet he came in second.

The big news of this event was the Brazilian Bruno Passos who had been the champion of this category last year and in that event he woke. Taking your skateboarding to the extreme with vigor, style, use the track he played a maid in the corner day and already amended with a fake croocked on your line, well-aimed, quick sides back tail slide in the bowl on the rounded part and not easy for anyone do not. Bruno was launching its first model here in the USA by Paul Smith and scored no better time for him to officiate this release is fallow the champion Vans Pool Party 2014.

Thanks Big Daddy Steve Van Doren, all pros,and her daughter Khristy who treat us with respect and affection.

To conclude I can say that this event was the best I ever watch it manages to bring together the most talented skaters in a bowl and feed back here with vibe, the Vans Skatepark Combi Bowl in Orange, California was phenomenal this year.

Skateboard is Everything.


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1st Tristan Rennie

2nd Josh Rodriguez

3rd Cory Juneau


1st Chris Miller

2nd Jeff Grosso

3rd Christian Hosoi


1st Bruno Passos

2nd Brian Patch

3rd Darren Navarette

The Vans Pool Party is a unique event in skateboarding for bringing together the biggest names in deep bowl skateboarding—from the undisputed Legends of skateboarding to today’s elite top talent and up–and–comers—battling it out in the legendary and iconic Combi bowl at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, California.

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