“Truth Be Told” by Kevin Seconds a New Music.

Artist: Kevin Seconds
Song: “Truth Be Told”
Album: Off Stockton

“The song was initially written as a full-on old time-y gospel song with a bluesy, belter of a singer like Janis Joplin singing the lead parts,” Kevin Seconds tells Rolling Stone. “I tried recording it that way but about midway through realized that I was no blues or gospel singer and it would feel just as nice, sparse, and quietly done.”
ks-promo-pic-306v-1391114256*from Kevin Seconds (and read only if you occasionally find yourself liking quieter, folksy music)….

‘Hey guys. One of my favorite songs from my upcoming album (Off Stockton…out Feb. 18 on Rise Records) is the daily download on today and I hope you will go there now and download the shit out of it (it’s FREE!).

Please check it out and if you’re feeling it, help spread the good word so that my record label knows that it didn’t screw up by investing in an old dude with a beard who isn’t pretty and doesn’t dress very well.’

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