Street League finals 2013

As the Street League finals got underway, Nyjah Huston showed his authority early, landing nearly every trick to earn gold. His winning runs included a Caballerial to noseblunt slide over the a-frame rail. Though main rival Paul Rodriguez skated the entire contest switch, his efforts we’re not enough to medal with Chris Cole taking silver and Luan Oliviera sneaking into third, landing a switch 360 flip on his final attempt. At the age of 18, this is Huston’s fourth X Games gold in Street.

The Real Snow Backcountry winners were announced as well with Canadian Mikey Rencz taking gold for his video part filmed last winter.





Street League Skateboarding Final

Gold: Nyjah Huston, 53.00 (USA)
Silver: Chris Cole, 44.60 (USA)
Bronze: Luan Oliveira, 44.20 (BRA)

Street League Skateboarding Final Results

1. Nyjah Huston, 53.00 (USA)
2. Chris Cole, 44.60 (USA)
3. Luan Oliveira, 44.20 (BRA)
4. Ryan Decenzo, 38.30 (CAN)
5. Shane O’neill, 33.10 (AUS)
6. Paul Rodriguez, 32.80 (USA)
7. Torey Pudwill, 14.60 (USA)
8. Bastien Salabanzi, 6.10 (FRA)

Real Snow Backcountry Final Results

1. Mikey Rencz (CAN)
2. Pat Moore (USA)
3. Jussi Oksanen (FIN)

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