Poseiden and Girls Assault

DATE: November 12th, 2011

WHERE: Buenos Aires, Argentina
EVENT: SudaAmericano (South American Skateboarding Games)
WRITTEN BY: Maya Porter

While more girls than ever are picking up skateboards, more opportunities are
being created for them to identify and excel with fellow female riders. Foundations
spearheaded by athletes themselves are joining together top names in feminine skate,
companies interested in supporting them, and communities with opportunities to firsthand
experience skate competitions and clinics. Bringing this year to a close, Girls Assault of
is wrapping up its fourth and final event of the 2011 National Circuit of
Feminine Skateboarding in Buenos Aires

The Girls Assault skating event makes empowerment a priority and opens
the space for girls of all ages to shred. Females-only temporarily overtake skate parks,
and the turnout at these mobs over the years has been multiplying. This upcoming closure
to the 6th

annual skating circuit will be linked with the annual Sudamericano
competitions. Not only will the girls get to skate all day but their efforts will be validated
by gear distribution and cash prizes. The Poseiden Foundation will sponsor the top
competitors in both the street and mini-ramp categories with $300.00 skate scholarships
and Poseiden’s Goodwill Athlete Jessica Florencio Ferreira will be in Argentina
encouraging the youth and inspiring other females to follow their dreams.

Cofounder of Girls Assault, Daniela “Deeny” Suarez, is also the Poseiden
Foundation representative in Argentina and the partnership between these organizations
has proven to be quite effective. Since Poseiden has joined board with the circuit, the
attendance at the events has more than doubled, and the numbers continue to be on the
upswing. Financial and moral support in feminine skateboarding is becoming a tangible
symbol of the possibility in all endeavors to realize a dream no matter how far fetched it
may seem and no matter what sex you may be. Through non-profits made up of clearminded individuals, groups of girls are realizing that resources are available and that their
passions can be followed.

So, watch out for Sudamericano Skateboarding Games in Argentina, girls from
Chile, Brazil, Peru and other countries from South America
are attending this historic
making event!

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