OGJAM 2017 Still Awesome %*&#@^+

A wonderful event took place at The Cove in Santa Monica, California on August 19th with some generations of American Skateboard in the most radical form of skateboarding.
Those people in this event are responsible for always the flame of the skateboard always lit in this country. Many of them can not skate like before because today they have family, but this does not let them miss the chance to meet in a nostaugic event like OGJAM 2017.
I saw a 68 year old skater dropping the bowl and doing his performance without losing the style of the 60s. I was very moved, I converged with him about Skateboard of his time and he seemed very religious but talked a lot about skateboarding.
Many lengths, consecrations and respect allowed that day, with exchanges of information about the beloved lifestyle.
In the women’s championship the girls were performing maneuvers that impressed. Always veiled and fearless on the edge and in the air they gave a show representing women well on skateboard. I did not forget Melissa O’Grady who was the fastest in the bowl and with beautiful style to see in skatebaoar. There were also some with 40 or more walking with lots of speed and graceful style to watch.
Animating the party the band Home in Haddonfield
Is an American rock band formed in 2015 in Palmdale, California. He played Green Day classics and other covers of punks rock. The formation of the band was:

Tony Lantieri – guitar, vocals

Michael Mendoza – bass guitar, vocals

Max Esparza – drums, percussion, vocals

Many thanks to Home in Haddonfield for skateboarding.




Read more in the OGJAM website:

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