Oasis of Hollywood Skate Session

photo and text: Antonio Thronn


I was very smart to know about a skatepark would be opened in Hollywood. A region where dwell the millionaires do not have a skatepark is awkward.
A poster was written about a possible skatepark I had to go check it.

An institution with the name of Oasis of Hollywood was behind this event. Coming to my surprise it was like an evangelical church that developed religiosity, character, friendship, art, music, leadership and sport, in the case here the skateboard.

Exchanges of young students was happening at this event and more than 15 students from the city of Dallas came and most of them were Brazilian.
With ages ranging 8-18 seemed.

In fact the skatepark that I had in my mind would be a square with bowls and crazy transitions but for that event were portable ramps Fleshparks company. I do not know if those ramps will always stay in Oasis of Hollywood but I leave the contact for those interested.
There was a moment of grand opening of the skatepark with the presence of the pastor, police and other authorities, they cut a red ribbon and released the skatepark for skaters.

The session on the ramps at best street style of skating was perfect. The skaters were doing risky and radical maneuvers and stopped satisfaction of all not been any serious accident.

Djs put very famous songs of Hip Hop, but only the basis of them without the vocals.
After a few hours of the skateboard ramps was offered a barbecue for all, it was delicious.
All content with a full stomach is time to pastor Michael Bowles one of those responsible for this project speak a few words about the religion that they believe Christianity.

He spoke of the importance of believing in Jesus, believe in a god. His speech he conveyed to the young audience the feedback they will never be alone with God in my heart for that life is more difficult. He drew comparisons with the new talent program where the judge is of coastline and turns the chair when the singer pleases, saying that the Lord Jesus will always be in order to approve you for a better world.
I talked to some young people from Brazil, they were happy to know Oasys of Hollywood in California and be part of this moment with new friends and God. A healthy youth, happy, drug-free and positive thinking of a winner.
Thank you very much Michael Bowles pastor for having me as well, this work is very worthy.



















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