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Kimberley Diamond Cup Street Pro Results: Nyjah Wins!
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12-Year-Old Jagger Eaton Wins Big Air “Best Trick” with 360 Flip
(Kimberley, South Africa – Sept. 29, 2013) – The 2013 Kimberley Diamond Cup world skateboarding championships, presented by Kumba Iron Ore, concluded today with the Big Air “Best Trick” contest and the Pro Street Championships. Nyjah Huston just edged out Felipe Gustavo to win the Pro Street Contest, earning $100,000 cash. Young skateboarder Jagger Eaton won the Big Air “Best Trick” contest with a crowd-pleasing 360 flip over the gap. Watch the VOD Webcast at
Sunday’s Pro Street Championships saw 12 pros battle in a head-to-head single elimination format.

Highlights from the Pro Street Finals:

Nyjah Huston: nollie heelflip backlip, switch frontside blunt, fakie five-o on high flat bar.

Felipe Gustavo: nollie flip crooked grind down five-stair rail, switch flip tail slide down five-stair rail, switch flip over big rail.

Louie Lopez: backside smith grind to front shove it on high flat bar, backside flip the big four, big spin heelflip the big four
I loved my first time in South Africa and am really stoked to have won the contest,” said Huston. “This was such a great opportunity to meet all the fans and that is what skateboarding is really about for guys like us. I had such a good time. I really loved the format of the contest. The different jams give you a chance to decide how you’re going to go at it and you don’t have to over think it.”

Pro Street Finals Results & Cash Prizes
1. Nyjah Huston. $100,000
2. Felipe Gustavo. $40,000
3. Louie Lopez. $15,000
4. Manny Santiago. $15,000
5. Alec Majerus. $4,500
6. Trevor Colden. $4,500
7. Matt Berger. $4,500
8. Ryan Decenzo. $4,500
9. Micky Papa. $3,000
10. Evan Smith. $3,000
11. Yuri Facchini. $3,000
12. Tommy Fynn. $3,000
14th – 20th – $1,500
21st – 24th – $1,000

Click here for the full results including scores from the entire KDC Pro Street Contest.

Sunday events also included the Big Air “Best Trick” contest. The youngest competitor at just 12 years old, Jagger Eaton took first place for an incredible 360 flip over the gap. He also did an equally impressive backside flip over the gap. Sixteen-year-old Jono Schwan landed a backside heelflip body varial 360 that earned him second place.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” said Eaton. “It was just so great to even be here in South Africa with all these guys, but to actually win this event competing against them is completely unbelievable. I’ve been skating for about seven years and practice really hard. I’ll use the money to buy a whole lot of toys.”

Big Air Best Trick Results:
1st Place ($5,000) – Jagger Eaton
2nd Place ($3,000) – Jono Schwan
3rd Place ($2,000) – Andy Macdonald

“What an absolutely incredible contest,” said Tim McFerran, CEO of World Skateboarding Grand Prix. “We couldn’t have asked for more. The finals matchups were so close that at times only fractions of a point separated the winners. Nyjah, Felipe, Louie, Manny – they all had great runs. I know the judges had a difficult time today. But Nyjah pulled it out and took first, and we couldn’t be happier for him. We look forward to continuing to host world-class skateboarding events around the world. Our goal in starting WSGP is to bring together the best pros to experience a new culture, host an incredible skate contest and to benefit local communities through year-round skateboarding programs for kids and youth. South Africa was an amazing first stop for WSGP and we’re excited about our plans for 2014.”

The Kimberley Diamond Cup replaces the Maloof Money Cup world championships, which ended its run in South Africa last year. The new event, a partnership between the Northern Cape Provincial Government, World Skateboarding Grand Prix, and Kumba Iron Ore, was named in homage to the host city’s history as the location of South Africa’s first diamond mine and its distinction as “The Diamond City.”
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