Huntington Beach Murdy Skatepark

Early next year prepare yourself for a massive 40,000sq foot skate parkwe’re building for Vans. This skate park will have two major sections. tour of the construction progress at Vans Skatepark of Huntington Beach, California.

Please don’t try to skate concrete skateparks before they’re officially open. You could fuck up the concrete work, and then we’d all have to live with it. I know you’re probably eager, but wait. I asked permission to check it out and film. You need to watch every step you take at a construction site. Again, you could mess up concrete, you could disturb rebar that has been laid, or you could injure yourself. If you try to skate it when it’s not ready, you could compromise the polished concrete surface… not cool, man.

Music by DoughBoy Da Chef –


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