”First Annual Van Doren Invitational”

This weekend scenic Huntington Beach played host to our first annual Van Doren Invitational and it was hands down the best bowl contest ever. The combination of the best of the best and the best of the next including skateboarding legends like Christian Hosoi plus Greyson Fletcher and Raven Tershy, as well as the talent of top Vans Pro riders like Pedro Barros, Tony Trujillo and Curren Caples coupled with a bowl inspired by the legendary Skatepark du Prado bowl on the beach in Marseilles, France being built in cement for the first time at any US Open resulted in such gnarly skating that people will be talking about it ’til next year’s event. Be sure to check out all the great photo galleries from our friends at Skateboarder Magazine, Thrasher, The Skateboard Mag, Transworld and ESPN, as well as all the shots from Anthony Acosta and Grant Hatfield below with all the recap footage.

In the end It was Zero’s Ben Hatchell taking it all with Flip’s Greyson Fletcher in second and Chocolate’s Raven Tershey in third. Here’s the full Van Doren Invitational results:

Acosta_USOpenPhotos_003 Acosta_USOpenPhotos_009 Acosta_USOpenPhotos_010 Acosta_USOpenPhotos_011 Acosta_USOpenPhotos_012 Acosta_USOpenPhotos_013 Acosta_USOpenPhotos_020 Acosta_USOpenPhotos_025 Acosta_USOpenPhotos_032 finatest IMG_0824 Van-Doren-Invitational--(1-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(2-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(3-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(4-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(5-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(6-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(7-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(8-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(9-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(10-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(11-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(12-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(13-of-14) Van-Doren-Invitational--(14-of-14) vi

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