Boneless One, Tribute To Jeff Phillips

Boneless One – Overground Project, Tribute To Jeff Phillips. Skateboarding has been … The proceeds from the event benefited the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas. Pro-Skaters from … Fell In Love With A Band Blog .
THE BONELESS ONES dealt in a Metal/Punk crossover, but while the former pontificated on everything from killer rats to chicks who piss themselves, THE BONELESS ONES’ lyrics deal almost exclusively with skating; from skating in the name of Satan, to longing for skate Betty’s, to losing friends to spills, and just generally getting rad. I don’t personally give a shit about skating, but you gotta admire their dedication! All the dudes in THE BONELESS ONES are adept musicians, but Luke Skeels’ guitar playing is the most outstanding – the metallic riffs, and his searing leads steal the show. The bass and guitar trade off on “I’m a Skater” is simple, but extremely effective, and stokes me out every time! Get it.


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