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HTAKIHSSA – Agata Kissa Band



HTAKIHSSA is a guitar band from São Paulo / Brazil formed in early 2012 by Agata Kissa (vocals), Jonca (guitar), Fausto Bandeira ” NEN ” (guitar).

Dynamic rhythms, dissonant harmonic guitar soundscapes with melodic female voice to the remarkable bass.

With expansive sound, post-punk revival-experimental inspired in classic rocks, celtic melodies and punk of the 80s coupled with the creative revolution of the 90s, seek own sound with style, weight and identity.

In 2014 they released their first music video, Dream 6, that officially introduces the band.

Reference Bands: Pixies, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Concrete Blonde, Pj Harvey, Mazzy Star, Hole, Velvet Underground, Nirvana.



Agata Kissa ( vocalist, lyricist, composer )

Agata discovered his brilliance very early and even children participated in several TV shows as a child reporter, actress and soap opera , radio, phrases, TV commercials,CD and concert for 20,000 people .

During a karaoke at 7 years of age, found his calling for music. From that day on, she never stopped ! At the time, talent hunt, Tia Irany, saw in Agata the talent and charisma that the media sought. Because of that, he participated in several TV shows as broadcasters: Record, Bandeirantes, SBT, music events and fashion, commercial films and phrases for major brands. Served, as a child reporter for a local channel ABC interviewing the biggest businessmen in the region, in addition to starring in the Rede Record a children’s novel. With the end of the novel, toured with the show in 3D at theaters such as: Antônio Fagundes, Folha and Arthur Azevedo.

At age 9 she had her first experience with music recording. Recorded her first demo album called : A Trajetória, and with the support of his mother sold 1,000 copies, which gave a concert for 20,000 people in a country town of São Paulo.


But this was not enough! Still very young, had no awareness that would rock n roll the inspiration needed to transmit her art the way she really wanted.

Then, after graduating from Radio and TV devoted their time to return to the stage again. She returned to study music, ballet, tap, jazz, and musical course which was featured artist praised by actor / director Wolf Maya.

Always involved with fashion and behavior, emerging as the main DJ parties of São Paulo Underground, met JONCA and Fausto Bandeira ( NEN ), musicians and composers who embraced the alternative scenario gave birth to HTAKIHSSA band.

Now in 2014, at age 25 released her first single – Dream 6 , which officially introduces the band for Brazil and for the world.


NEN (Fausto Flag) – Guitarist / Composer / Lead Guitar


CD released in 2009 with the Ventura SA by HIGHLIGHT SOUNDS participating in tours alongside many international artists in Brazil, such as NOFX, Strung Out, Jackson United (Foo Fighters guitarist and bassist Face to Face), Satanic Surfers, Pulley, Nitrominds and etc…
Out in the collection of DISC DECK (Pitty record label, etc.), SURF ROCK 2003
Tours and shows with CPM22, NXZERO, Houdini, Aditive, Hateen.

Awarded as best guitarist and best music (copyright) which won the festival FICO in 1997 by the College Goal.

2012 HTAKIHSSA – Agata Kissa band



JONCA – Guitarist / Composer / Celtic Harp

Skater 80’s / 90’s and post 2000

Guitarist and songwriter of the bands 90’s Hardcore:

MEATBALLS (1996) FREESOULS (1997) and FOOD4LIFE (2000)

Pioneer, promoting festivals in São Paulo with independent bands with SK8CONNECTION in 1996 in homes as Aeroanta, Black Jack, shows at USP, Logus, Hangar 110.

Creative informal jam sessions and parties in a home studio of Blindado (Marcio Dualib) from the POMPEIA and Pavilhão 9 band.

SHAREWARE / SPREADPOINT – Post 2000 vocalist, guitarist and songwriter in an experiment hardcore and chip tunes produced in conjunction with producer D See Ker (Daniel Siqueira).

2012 HTAKIHSSA – Agata Kissa band

Celtic Harp since 2013



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