4th Event of this year’s OG Jam

by Antonio Thronn

4th event of this year’s OG Jam

The skateboard generations are always in evident here in California in various ways; it can be a video launch or movie of the history of Skating, art show or a concert. An example of this noble class event to skateboard here on the West is the OG Jam.
This event gathers all types, from the famous to the mere mortals, and all for fun. Today many of you have children that skateboard, and the kids with their parents, are there honoring the competitors and most of these children have skateboarding in their minds as do their parents.
This was the 4th event of this year’s OG Jam which should have happened weeks prior at Etnies in Lake Forest but, problem were thrown at Heidi last minute and the event was transferred to Vans Skate Park, home the Pro Tech Pool Party, in Orange County. Steve Van Dorn of Vans, with a giving and an open heart allowed the OG Jam to continue with total success. It was very hot and the venue unlike Etnies is covered, which made it very comfortable.
I unfortunately did not arrive in time to pay homage to the skaters of 50+ years because the car broke down on the way, but everyone here accompanying the OG Jam podium to see Eddie Hadvina gaining all stages of this year and nothing has changed, nabbed the first and followed by Dave Hackett and third to Richard Connet.
The skaters from 30 – 39 were skating hard and celebrating with great pleasure in the championship bowl.

Ron Chatman

Coming from Venice Beach with style, Bennett Harada, Dj Rasta, took the first. Tony Brisensio pro, Second place in the last laps impressing everyone and tying with Mike Perez who seemed to know me, gave a show with skating ability style and taking third place. Fourth place went to George Watanabe style has very beautiful and noble abilities, and great to see him walking.
The guys of my generation come with very basic esmirilhanvam on Vans Skate Park with great speed and maneuvers of bringing in big old bowl.
The guys were possessed of 40-49, Ron Chatman had seemed that weeks before walking down the runway, hitting backside disaster without equipment. Dave Ruel was giving his faster and aggressive 50/50 Red Neck’s style. Garret took first followed by Rich Sanchez with various tricks second and third went to Mike Barnes.This event was a success for the first time at Vans Combi Bowl and hope that more will be coming too.
Heidi, I want to thank you for your determination for event #4 of the series with success, patience and love. We are looking forward to the Series finals at Pedlow, October 13th.
Many thanks to my good friend who took me ‘’Daryle’’ to the OG Jam at Vans Skatepark and had broken into the car journey!
The narration of this event was that of Carson Corent with funny words and professionalism.
We will miss you!!! Best of Luck!

Thank you all.

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