Baker n’ Volcom’s party brought Hot Lunch.

photos by” Antonio Thronn

The  Baker and Volcom‘s party was detonating, Awesome. The band Hot Luch played songs that I had never heard because i never had knew about them. Were very strong, heavy and pischodelics songs. I’ll leave here to release of them because is hard to speak so much of a noisy thing, Sometimes the songs were so many variations of harmony seemed that not the same as started playing. Thing crazy. With you Hot Lunch. I don’t know but what i had heard was so good noise.

Taken from Hot Lunch’s self-titled debut LP. 

Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.
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Anyone familiar with the heavy, hard-driving punk ‘n’ roll of San Francisco’s Hot Lunch will tell you that they took too long to release their debut album. But the Lunch lads prefer to do things the old fashioned way – they funded it by saving the money made from playing shows. They also wanted to work with Tim Green of Louder Studios, who could capture the ass-kicking, face-punching, mouth-slapping intensity of their live performances onto an analogue two-inch tape medium for a classic sounding fidelity.

It seemed like a no-brainer to release their eponymous LP on Who Can You Trust? Records out of Germany – home to bands like Lecherous Gaze, Witch and White Hills. The label was so impressed with Hot Lunch’s drive to piss off old folks and ruin people’s hearing, that they made this release their catalogue’s first ever full-length album.

The band is happy. Guitarist Aaron Nudelman (Mensclub), singer Eric Shea (Parchman Farm), bassist Charlie Karr (Harold Ray Live In Concert) and drummer Rob Alper (SLA) never wanted anything from music but to press vinyl that would sit comfortably in their record collections alongside such influences as Grand Funk Railroad, Black Flag, UFO, Rush, BL’AST!, Ace Frehley, Coloured Balls, Dead Kennedys and Hawkwind.



With a deep love for skateboarding, the Hot Lunch dudes don’t take for granted that they get to regularly play with other bands redefining skate-rock. They are thankful to call Lecherous Gaze, Earthless, Hightower, The Shrine, Pins Of Light, Glitter Wizard, Carlton Melton and Drunk Horse their friends. But instead of trying to impress you by dropping the names of the more popular acts they’ve played with, the guys in Hot Lunch would prefer to brag about the time they rocked on the deep-end decks of the pool where the Tim Brauch Memorial Skateboard Contest was held. Or when they played the after-party for the Nevada City premier of Stacy Peralta’s Bones Brigade documentary. Or that Thrasher Magazine leaked a couple of these tunes to soundtrack their King Of The Roadvideo before inviting the band to play a party at Double Rock, their private skatepark.

All this aside, the band would much rather have you listen to their music than read about it. So with that in mind, thank you for your time and enjoy the heavy jams of Hot Lunch’s self-titled debut album on Who Can You Trust? Records.


released 01 January 2013


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