Vans Warped tour 2014 Was Awesome!

Musical diversity, thunderous, Noisy and Deep, I’m in the Vans Warped Tour 2014 Las Vegas.

photo and text by: Antonio Thronn

The Vans Warped Tour is a music festival held by the shoe brand for California skateboard, the Vans. These festivals are traveling. These tours took place initially in parking lots or soccer fields, baseball, throughout the United States. Since 1995 the festival has been called the Vans Warped Tour.

The music fair Punk Rock with Skateboard contributed to these events became known worldwide. Many bands that played in these events packed their careers and today we have hundreds of them playing across the planet successfully and success.

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 At last I managed to go on the Vans Warped Tour that was in the city of Las Vegas.

Musical diversity, thunderous, Noisy and Deep, I’m in the Vans Warped Tour 2014 Las Vegas.

The Warped Tour is a music festival held by the shoe brand for California skateboard, the Vans. These festivals are traveling. These tours took place initially in parking lots or soccer fields, baseball, throughout the United States. Since 1995 the festival has been called the Vans Warped Tour.


The music fair Punk Rock with Skateboard contributed to these events became known worldwide. Many bands that played in these events packed their careers and today we have hundreds of them playing across the planet successfully and success.

Vans Warped Tour continues true to its origins bringing an underground festival in the sense of the bands with very specific pubic. To this date of June 19, 2014 the structure of the 4 stages were assembled on a football field at the University of Las Vegas in the heart of the city.

I arrived at the event saw a stage only and found it to be all happening there. Was performing the Bad Rabitts with a sound that blended a powerful groove in a mix of funk, soul, rock and hip hop, with the fusion band remember other bands of the 90s The audience sang some songs. Bad Rabitts with that taken all can only be an American band. They are the city of Boston, Massachusetts on the east side of the country. Razed much on stage.

The minute that ended dare show sound distorted guitars and realize that there was another separate stage for a few meters, that other stage I ran over there like a flash.

In this stage were playing one of the craziest bands I’ve ever seen, so crazy and great musicians, mixing, ska, rock psychedelic, funk, blues and hip-hop sung by a charismatic and friendly singer with a comedic bits of humor making the public participate and laugh with them. The name also very strange, they called themselves is ” Beebs And Her Money Makers ” were with a latent energy to the festival.

Finished the show dare screeching sound coming from another stage, for my ignorance were 4 stages with great bands of the turns, will not give to speak of all, but what I really really wanted to see were the bands Hardcore Metal, Progressive Metal, metalcore, Melodic, metalcore, Mathcore, Deathcore ….

The world looked like it was falling on my head when I saw the band ” Volumes. ” The guys screamed, many in every song, I stood I could not take any pictures and hearing shouts of vocalists get to the end. Ago me the very young audience that was only 20 years singing all the songs and shouting together.

Volumes is from Los Angeles, California, a band of Progressive Metal.

We can see here that the musical times have changed and that the kids this on another vibe now. Volumes play all the songs in the setback of the notes to the battery vocal. Diego Farias guitarist is very heavy and touches virtually fast, great It takes alone the band playing in the extermo thwack, brutal horseback riding and cyber soils.

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The vocalists were Micheal Barr and Gus Farias, who is the brother of the animal guitar Diego Farias. Did shake the Vans Warped Tour early on.

Brutally stark the band ” For Today ” from Sioux, Iowa left me almost deaf to the weight combined with rapid drummer accelerated its hydraulic double pedal making noise as if they were helices helicopters. The earth shaking, earthquake was feeling. It was to impress see the guys there showing a high-quality work, I would say, explosive, honest and aggressive and worked the musical.

A crowd of screaming teenagers singing along with them in the larger style of the great rock bands, is to impress when you are caught off guard. I do not remember which but one of those singer was saying that punk bands, hardcore took their movement and now nobody more secure because it has a huge audience that is not skateboard, and not punk or metal well and another generation was formed by merging the heaviest of styles to impress, personality and well refined techniques clean or dirty.

” Ghost Inside, ” damn, !!! looking band name guys. Born in Los Angeles the ” Ghost inside ” came to rock with shouts, screams and ignorant noise. Cried often looked to a ” Sick of All ” and much more overwhelming. Looking all the kids sung songs with demonic angel faces, 80% were minors, unlike the band that had an age reaching the 30 year old.

Formed in 2004 the band has 6 albums in which singer Jonathan Virgil recalled blows these older works, and my face fell, all the kids were singing songs and some girls were crying sang. Security working on top of the mosh guys unabated.

Really the ” Ghost Inside ” was the devil on earth and he still call themselves melodic hardcore hehehehehehe.

This band I can not fail to mention here because it was expected and she is responsible for this movement that has spread here in the United States.

The band Falling Reverse are called the Post Hardcore. With exaggerated power in the voice of adolescent but with shrill treble vocal ” Ronney Radke ” is one of the symbols of this new crop of young Emos with Stylish hair, tattoo on his face, pierces and reamers. With the dough well in his favor he was very comfortable on stage as if it were your home, all songs that he began the audience sang until the end, and were not facies not very strange to me.

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Ronnie Radke- Falling Reverse

Showing a punk rock pop band ” We are in the Crowd ” came to light rock, were the most peaceful festival. With volcalista ” Taylor Tay Jardine ” a very beautiful singer in charge and put the audience to jump, after all is a party here at Warped Tour 2014 Las Vegas.

With a ’80s punk rock style, resembling a little bands like‘ ‘Minor Threat’ ” ‘Agnostic Front’ ‘the band’ ” ‘The Story So Far’ ‘is of Walnut Creek, California.

Their lead singer, ” Parker Cannon ” is expensive with very punk rock on stage, their excellent songs. They also had a loyal audience singing at the tip of the tongue the songs. The curious that his chest was too sunk, an unusual thing to see, but still had a potentially strong vocal.

The band ” Real Friends ” was a punk rock band in the style skateboard Blink 182 who played a hardcore I’m used to hearing and had good general public who were too expected. Already has a well-known work on site punk scene, but after hearing the other bands sweating me something so 20th century, the former taken, the tone of the guitars looked like a music box of simmering.

At the end of the event I realized that most of these savage and brutal vocal bands always touch the setback with interspersed in divisions I ever thought, but not enough to be a groove. A curious fact that several bands and also used 8-string guitars.

It was exciting Vans Warped Tour, watch bands of a movement that has grown here in the USA and this recycling the heavy music because young teenagers are listening to that kind of music and are still trying to leave it in the underground because the disclosure has not come in large record labels. This is the generation of social networks, believe me.

Stay tuned these bands.

In conclusion, more than 15 bands I have been fortunate to watch and photograph on behalf of the Tribe Skate Vans Warped Tour in the first of my life in the city of Las Vegas.

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We Are The In Crowd, Taylor Jardine

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Bahmm and hot dog

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Parker Cannon-The Story So Far

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Aaron Brooks guitar,Tyler Watamanuk bass

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Bad Rabbits

Pela primeira vez no Vans Warped Tour pra mim foi uma pesada alucinação total, confira aqui a minha balada…

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Tyler Watamanuk

Tyler Watamanuk

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Bad Rabbits- Fredua Boakye

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Dan Lambton

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Real Friends

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Diego Farias, Gus Farias

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Ghost Inside – JonathanVigil

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Mattie Montgomery – For Today

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Mayday Parade, Derek Sanders

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Michael Barr in silhuette

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Michiel Barr- Volumes

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Real Friends

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Ronnie Radke

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Stephen Christian, Anberlin

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Story so far

Tradução pro portugues.

Diversidade Musical, Estrondosa, Ruidosa e Profunda, eu estou no Vans Warped Tour 2014, Las Vegas.

photo and text: Antonio Thronn

O Warped Tour é um festival de musica realizado pela marca de tenis pra skateboard californiana, Vans. Esses festivais são itinerante. Essas turnês aconteceram inicialmente em estacionamentos ou campos de futebol, beisebol, ao longo dos Estados Unidos. Desde 1995 este festival vem sendo chamado de Vans Warped Tour.

A musica Punk Rock justamente com Skateboard contribuiu para que esses eventos se tornassem conhecidos no mundo todo. Muitas bandas que tocaram nesses eventos embalaram sua carreiras e hoje temos centenas delas tocando pelo planeta com êxito e sucesso.

Até que enfim eu consegui ir no Vans Warped Tour que foi na cidade de Las Vegas.

Vans Warped Tour continua fiel as suas origens trazendo um festival underground, no sentido das bandas com púbico muito especifico. Para essa data de 19 de Junho de 2014 a estrutura dos 4 palcos foram montados num campo de futebol da Universidade de Las Vegas localizado no coração da cidade.

Cheguei no evento vi um palco apenas e achei que fosse tudo acontecer ali. Estava se apresentando os Bad Rabitts com um som que mesclava um groove poderoso numa mistura de funk, soul, rock e hip hop, com essa fusão a banda lembra demais bandas dos anos 90. O publico cantava algumas canções. Bad Rabitts com essa levada toda so pode ser uma banda americana. Eles são da cidade de Boston, Massachusetts no lado leste do pais. Arrasaram muito no palco.

No mesmo minuto que terminou show ouso soar guitarras destorcidas e percebo que havia outro palco separado por alguns metros, desse outro e corri pra lá como um flash.

Nesse palco estavam tocando uma das bandas mais maluca que já vi, tão malucos e músicos excelentes, misturando, ska, psychedelic rock, funk, blues e hip-hop cantado por uma vocalista carismática e simpática com uma pitadas cômicas de bom humor fazendo o publico participar e rir com eles. O nome também muito estranho, eles intitulavam-se de ‘’ Beebs And Her Money Makers ‘’ estavam com uma energia latente pro festival.

Terminou o show ouso som estrondante vindo de outro palco, pra minha ignorância eram 4 palcos com bandas excelentes ao de revezar, não vai dar para falar de todas, mas o que eu realmente estava afim de sacar eras as bandas Hardcore Metal, Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Melodic, Metalcore, Mathcore, Deathcore….

O mundo parecia que estava desabando na minha cabeça quando eu vi a banda ‘’Volumes.’’ Os caras gritava, muitos em todas as musicas, eu fiquei parado sem consegui tirar foto ouvindo berros dos vocalistas chegar até o extremo, e atraz de mim o publico muito jovem que não passava de 20 anos cantando todas as musicas e berrando junto. Volumes é de Los Angeles, California, uma banda de Progressive Metal.

Percebe-se ali que os tempos musicais são outros e que a molecada esta em outra vibe agora. Volumes tocam todas as musicas no contratempo das notas, da bateria ao vocal. O guitarrista Diego Farias é muito e virtualmente ótimo, ele leva sozinho a banda tocando no extermo da paulada, cavalgadas brutais e solos cibernéticos.

Os vocalistas eram Micheal Barr e Gus Farias que é irmão do guitarra animal Diego Farias. Fizeram tremer o Vans Warped Tour logo no começo.

Brutalmente gritante a banda ‘’ For Today ’’  de  Sioux, Iowa deixou-me quase surdo com o peso aliado a rapidez do baterista que trilintava seu pedal duplo hidráulico fazendo barulho como se fossem helices de helicópteros. A terra tremendo, terremoto era sensação. Era de impressionar ver os caras ali mostrando um trabalho de alta qualidade, eu diria, explosivo, honesto e agressivo o trabalhado musical.

Uma multidão de adolescentes cantando gritando junto com eles no maior estilo das grande bandas de rock, é de impressionar quando voce é pego de surpresa. Não me lembro qual mas um desses vocalista estava dizendo que as bandas de punk, hardcore tiravam o movimento deles e que agora ninguém segura mais porque tem um imenso publico que não é do skate, não e do punk, nem bem metal e outra geração que se formou fundindo o mais pesado dos estilos com garra, personalidade e técnicas bem apuradas limpas ou sujas.

‘’ Ghost Inside,’’ nossa,!!! olha nome da banda dos caras. Nascida em Los Angeles o ‘’ Ghost inside ‘’ veio para arrasar com berros, gritos e com ignorante barulho. Gritado muitas vezes parecia até um ‘’ Sick of All ‘’  e bem mais avassalador. Olhando a molecada cantado todas musicas com faces de anjo demôniacos e 80% menores de idade, ao contrario da banda que eram caras já na faixa de mais de 30 pra mais.

Formada em 2004 a banda já tem 6 álbuns nos quais o vocalista Jonathan Virgil relembrou porradas desses trabalhos mais antigos, e minha cara caiu, todas musicas a molecada estava cantando e algumas faziam as meninas chorarem. Segurança trabalhando encima da galera do mosh sem dar trégua.

Realmente o ‘’ Ghost Inside ‘’ era o demônio na terra e ele ainda se intitulam melódico hardcore hehehehehehe.

Essa banda eu não posso deixar de citar aqui porque  foi muito esperada e ela e das responsáveis por esse movimento que se alastrou aqui no Estados unidos.

A banda Falling Reverse são chamados de os Pós Hardcore. Com uma potência exacerbada na voz de adolescente mas com agudos estridente o vocal ‘’ Ronney Radke ‘’ é um dos símbolos dessa nova safra de jovens com cabelos Emos Stylish, tatuagem no rosto, pierces e alargadores. Com a massa bem a seu favor ele estava muito a vontade no palco como se fosse sua casa, todas musicas que ele começava o publico cantava até final, e não eram facies não, muito estranhas pra mim.

Mostrando um punk rock pop a banda ‘’We are in the Crowd’’ veio com rock lévinho, foram os mais leves do show. Com a volcalista ‘’ Taylor Tay Jardine ‘’ que era uma gatinha linda no comando e colocaram a moledadinha para pular, afinal é tudo uma festa aqui no Warped Tour 2014 de Las Vegas.

Num estilo punk do anos 80, lembrando um pouco bandas como ‘’ Minor Threat ’’ ‘’ Agnostic Front’ ’ a banda ‘’ ‘’ The Story So Far ’’ é de Walnut Creek, California. Seu vocalista, ‘’ Parker Cannon ’’ é cara com muito punk rock no palco, excelentes as suas canções. Eles também tinha um publico fiel cantando na ponta da lingua as musicas. O curioso que o torax dele era demasiado afundado, uma coisa não comum de se ver, mas mesmo assim um vocal potencialmente forte.

A banda’’ Real Friends ’’ foi uma banda de skate punk no estilo Blink 182 que tocou um hardcore que eu sou acostumado a ouvir e tinha bom publico grande pois eram muito esperados. Ja tem um trabalho conhecido na cena do site punk, mas depois de ouvir as outras bandas me suava uma coisa so século 20, antiga as levadas, o timbre das guitarras parecia uma caixinha de musicas chiando.

Ao final do eventos percebi que maior parte dessas bandas de vocal selvagem e brutal tocam sempre no contratempo com intercaladas em divisões que jamais pensei mas não chega ser um groove. Um fato curioso também e que usavam guitarras de 8 cordas.

Foi emocionante Vans Warped Tour, assistir bandas de um movimento que cresceu muito aqui nos USA e esta reciclando a musica pesada porque a molecada muito nova esta escutando esse tipo de musica e ainda estão tentando deixa-lo no underground porque a divulgação ainda não chegou nas grandes gravadoras. Essa é a geração das redes sociais, pode acreditar.

Fiquem ligados nessas bandas.

Concluindo, foram mais de 15 bandas eu tive prazer de assistir e fotografar em nome da Tribo Skate nesse meu primeiro Vans Warped Tour da minha vida na cidade de Las Vegas

Fiquem ligados nessas bandas.

Concluindo, foram mais de 15 bandas eu tive prazer de assistir e fotografar em nome da Tribo Skate nesse meu primeiro Vans Warped Tour da minha vida na cidade de Las Vegas.


Bom ate próxima skate encravado na alma até depois do fim.



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