Amazing 1st Annual Venice Spyder Cup

text By: Steve Steatdham

photo by: Antonio Thronn

It was an Amazing 1st Annual Venice Spyder Cup yesterday. Thanks to Presenting Sponsor Aces & 8, T.H.A.N., Vans, Powell Peralta, Stedmz, Bones Bearings, Khiro, Millennium, Christian Hosoi, Maui and Sons, Black Flys, 187 Killer Pads, S-Tech Wheels.

Congrats to the Winners.
Pro Bowl and Snakerun:
1st Asher Bradshaw: $200
2nd Kiko Francisco $150
Womens Pro:
1st Julie Lynn Kindstrand $200
2nd. Pauline Arema Branom $100

Ton Han, Dave Duncan, Bennett Harada, Eric Tuma Britton, Lonny Hiramoto, Heidi Lemmon, Travis Perrin & Jeff Ramos.

Special Thanks to: The City of LA, Stagf- Victor, Fred & Lance. Alan from the The LA Fire Dept., Gabriel Ortega, Local Tonan Ruiz and all the Amazing Parents and Skaters.

Desmond Shepherd-Back side air

Asher- Invert

Kiko Francisco= Ollie Back side

Tuma’s son. Grind

julian- going to board slide

Lonny, Tuma and Dave Duncan


Heidi Lemmon

Kiko Francisco- Back side method

Asher- Alley-oop

Kevin Shepherd


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