adidas Skate Copa Series, Berrics – Los Angeles 2015

adidas Skate Copa Series 2015

photo and text by: Antonio Thronn and Adidas website.

In 2014, adidas and The Boardr partnered up to create a national shop versus shop contest series in the theme of the World Cup. In that first year, nearly 400 skaters from 91 different shops across the US participated. In 2015, the series went global adding additional stops in Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, and Australia. Winners from each stop are flown to The Berrics to compete in the Global Series Finals. In 2014, it was Active Ride Shop. Who will it be in 2015? It’s unfolding now. Check the progress, coverage, and results so far below.
The Boardr Live ™ powers it all behind the scenes while The Boardr staff is on site ensuring a consistent and fun experience from the vibe of the event to professional quality judging, announcing, and timely execution.








Honestly I was surprised with the Adidas event, Berrics oh my gosh!, Sunday 20 September here in Los Angeles,a big surprise.
Skater teams representing stores of the other countries and different states of USA too. The level was higher, skaters performed tricks already known with a high degree of difficulty and also showed in every performance the creativity.
The space chosen for this event very impressed. A completely indoor skate plaza, with optimal lighting, without truculent security, hamburgers, tacos, drinks and specially beer. With an audience of 500 people or more divided that’s huge space shouting and twisting to their favorite skate team on the skate plaza.

We were very well represented by a skater team from São Paulo, Brazil. I do not know them but I saw that they were dedicated, technical, faster, youngers and stylish and they were the first to run to open the event.
In that event they were not make a great performance as aspired but I was happy to see them sweating his shirt of the his shop from our country. It was there that I understood that the skateboard sauce thickened in Brazil.
I’ve never seen unimaginable talents in Brazil performing difficult maneuvers pleasing a demanding public as the Los angeles

Staying at 3dr place the skaters caming from NY representing the store Homage Brooklyn. they were the ones that had more impact maneuvers with the greatest number of correct answers. With 2,000.00 dollars left happy celebrating like it’s the first place.
2sc 3,000.00 dollars led the team at Active Ride Shop store can be one of Santa Monica. The boys walked a lot and abusing the lightness and creativity raising several times the audience shouting that big shed.

The first place the guys came from the region of the greats Lakes of USA specially of Minnesota to let anyone not win. The skater had and enhanced road base and also of transition and paraded emanating beautiful maneuvers to see if thrill, twist and shout and encourage, with the adrenaline pounding a mile a minute the skaters did a wonderful street work, congratulations to the skater team from Minnesota.content/uploads/2015/09/adidascopa-2015-15-of-21.jpg” width=”600″ height=”400″ />









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